What would you be doing if you knew you would not fail?


Imagine if you had followed through with your dream or passion, where would you be today? Imagine your life as a journey and not a destination. However, throughout your journey in life, you will encounter detours, disruptions, and disappointments which are stumbling blocks designed to make you think that you are to settle for less than God’s purpose for your life and therefore fear and failure start to set in.  Close your eyes, take in a deep breath and imagine what you would be doing if you would not fail. Sometimes we give up on our dreams, passion, and purpose because of the fear of failure.

There is an old saying, “nothing beats a failure but a try.” Renewing your mind comes from a place deep from within. It comes from learning to unlock and tap into your inner power so you can begin to discover your passion and purpose. I’m passionate about helping people just like you tap into your inner self and reclaim your passion so you can live on purpose.  What goal do you long to reach that will transform your life? Do you talk about it from time to time? Stop talking about it and start being about it! Together, with God’s guidance and an action plan we can turn your goal(s) into a reality.