Attacking Your Gremlin Within

Dear Friend,


Are the voices in your head keeping you from living out your unique birthright?


C’mon…you know which voices I’m talking about – the ones that say:


          “You don’t have enough experience/intelligence/money to pull that off. You can’t.  You really shouldn’t. It just won’t work. No one will listen. No one will care enough.” And so on…..


If you’re like a lot of people, these voices shoot down most of your best ideas. They talk you out of exciting levels of excellence and into acceptable levels of mediocrity. So…you take the easy route, do the “same-old thing” and toss another dream on the growing pile of “someday maybe…but probably not.”  

We need you. We need your dreams. We, Humanity, the people of this planet need your inspired contributions. Right now, you are carrying the solution to at least one of the world’s problems. And if you’re ever going to fulfill that potential…if you’re going to live the adventure you came here to live, you simply must learn how to handle your inner gremlin. 

Not dealing with your gremlin hinders you from being your authentic self and living the authentic life you are supposed to live.

  • Do you ever feel like you're wearing a mask to please others?
  • Do you sometimes hold back for fear of being criticized or rejected?
  • What about how your feel or what your think?

You know that what's important is what's really inside of you, but you go on living out-of-touch with that core connection…and if you don't already, you'll end up hating yourself for it because of your gremlin within.


Sound familiar?


You were born with certain gifts and abilities that nobody else possesses (God gave it to you)…and that if you were to focus on those things, your life would get much easier and you'd start experiencing a lot more happiness…AND success? 

But if you listen to your inner gremlin, it will crush your ambitions. It will cripple your efforts to improve your life. If you listen to your saboteur, you will never elevate your life. Your Gremlin Within will steal your true identity, keep you from being your authentic self, leaving you silent, passive to your gremlin, and unfulfilled.


Are you really going to keep letting that nagging gremlin run your life?


Do you want to turn the tables and take control of your life?


Known by many names (Saboteur, Resistance, Shadow, Ego, Enemy, Trickster etc.), your inner critic, or the Gremlin Within, has been around for a long, long time, and it’s got a big bag of tricks. Your Gremlin Within keeps you safe and secure, right where you are by preventing you from doing anything that might threaten your current position. It will throw all sorts of justification, excuses and fear in your face to limit your advances and preserve your mediocrity. It will literally steal your identity. 

Overcoming fear is a thrilling experience, isn’t it? And let’s face it, when you’re wide-awake, alive, on fire and in flow, things have a way of working out in your favor, don’t they? 

You deserve a life that works for you. You deserve to have happiness, joy and fulfillment. You deserve to feel inspired, alive and fearless.  You deserve to share your true authentic self with the world. 

You know that the times in your life when you've felt the HAPPIEST and SATISFIED have been those times when you've…if only for a few moments…let go of the judgments, fears, and expectations, and simply accepted yourself for who you are.  In those fleeting moments, you've seen your perfection, your authentic self and it lit you up!


You have the power to stop your Gremlin! 


You DESERVE to LIVE that lit-up life of fulfillment, happiness, and satisfaction…YOU deserve the rich beauty of knowing who you truly are without the gremlin(s).


The time has come for YOU to finally, fully....S H O W   U P.


  • Are you ready?


  • Are you ready to tackle your gremlin?


  • Are you ready to be your authentic self and live a purposeful life?


You may not be ready yet to let go of your self-imposed limitations. You might not be willing to take on a life of purpose and awakened potential.


But something tells me that you are. Something tells me that you’re DONE letting the voices in your head run your dreams into the ground.


So, my question to you is this:


Are your ready to attack your gremlin so you can live a more authentic, purposeful life?


If you are ready for the journey, then you will discover:


  • The 3-step method to reclaiming and taking back your life;
  • How to identify your gremlins;
  • Four powerful tactics your gremlin uses to keep you from moving forward;
  • A powerful tool you can use to stop your gremlin in its tracks
  • And more


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Attacking Your Gremlin Within: 

A 3-Step Method to Reclaiming and Taking Back Your Life and How You Can Live a More Authentic and Purposeful Life








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