What is Group Coaching? 

Diverse Women

Group Coaching is a fun and affordable alternative to individual life coaching that provides the added benefit of shared experience. In a group, you can inspire others with your change or be inspired by theirs. The group coaching format increases accountability and offers many of the same benefits as one-one-coaching for less.

Benefits of Group Coaching include: increased motivation, building confidence, positive change, personal growth, clarity, goal setting, designing your own course of action, moving through fears, a power sense of connection in growth, and built-in support from people experiencing similar transitions.  This type of coaching will more than likely be done by Tele-Coaching with clients who have common goals. 

What are Workshops?

Workshops are educational seminars or series of meetings emphasizing interaction and an exchange of information among a small group of participants. For example,

 Get Your Life Back on Track Workshop.

You Can’t Hit If You Don’t Swing: Moving Forward With Your Life

What are Lunch and Learns?

My lunch and learns are presented from a biblical perspective.  I teach and give an abundance of information regarding a specific topic. 

Sample topics may include:

Dealing with the Rebel Within: Beating Self-Sabotage to Reach your Full Potential

Holding the Key to Your Own Shackles

Identity Crisis: Who Are You Really?

What are Webinars?

Webinars are great for giving, receiving and discussing information in real-time.

 Sample topics:

Fertile Mind: Changing Your Thoughts to Reap a Better Life

Overcoming Procrastination: Getting things Done Now

Happy Trails: The Wondrous Search for Happiness and Where to Find It

What is One-on-One Life Coaching?

One-on-One life coaching provides an opportunity for you to be successful as a person—to become the best you! This is a chance to develop structure in your life, and find balance. One-on-One Coaching works for persons who are trying to find their way and are stuck, who has entered a different season of life and want to find their purpose, or just want to make a positive change in their life. Coaching can help develop a bridge of hope from where you are now to where you desire to be. 

One-on-One is currently not available.